15182146, 15114649, 15190826, 15224141, 15135668, 15910151, 15182149, 15114652, 15190829, 15224144 2003 2004 2005 2006 Silverado Sierra Tahoe Suburban gauge cluster fix problem instrument panel
2003-2007 GMC Sierra / Yukon Instrument Gauge Cluster Repair Service Cluster Repair Service Automotive Circuit Solutions
2003-2007 GMC Sierra / Yukon Instrument Gauge Cluster Repair Service Cluster Repair Service Automotive Circuit Solutions
2003-2007 GMC Sierra / Yukon Instrument Gauge Cluster Repair Service Cluster Repair Service Automotive Circuit Solutions
2003-2007 GMC Sierra / Yukon Instrument Gauge Cluster Repair Service Cluster Repair Service Automotive Circuit Solutions
2003-2007 GMC Sierra / Yukon Instrument Gauge Cluster Repair Service Cluster Repair Service Automotive Circuit Solutions
2003-2007 GMC Sierra / Yukon Instrument Gauge Cluster Repair Service Cluster Repair Service Automotive Circuit Solutions Full Rebuild Factory Incandescent Yes
2003-2007 GMC Sierra / Yukon Instrument Gauge Cluster Repair Service

2003-2007 GMC Sierra / Yukon Instrument Gauge Cluster Repair Service

Regular price$119.99

Watch the video below to see how to send us your unit!

Are you tired of your worn out gauges? Is your information display dim or dead? Or does your gauge cluster not power on at all? Or maybe you just want to update your cluster with Bright colored LEDs to give it a modern look. If that's the case, we have a solution for you. We have repaired thousands of these clusters for shops, dealers, salvage yards and people like you. So, we know our way around these things.


  • 2003-2006 GMC Sierra
  • 2007 GMC Sierra Classic
  • 2003-2006 Yukon

If your vehicle is not listed above click here to browse our large selection of gauge cluster services.

Full Rebuild includes following problems

  • Failing gauges
  • Bad Back-lighting
  • Intermittent function
  • Dead or dim shift indicator
  • Parasitic battery drain coming from the cluster
  • Scrolling languages

Additional Services available at checkout

  • Odometer error repair (this is only if your odometer shows "ERROR")
  • Same Day Turnaround
  • LED Back-lighting upgrade
  • Broken lens replacement
  • Damaged Board Repair Fee
  • Transmission Temperature gauge add-on 

Additional Info

  • If you already attempted to fix the cluster yourself, and damaged the traces for the stepper motors then check the damaged circuit board fee option.
  • There may be other issues causing your cluster to malfunction. Bad speed sensor, bad fuel pump, bad/loose fuse, and/or wiring issues can cause the cluster to be intermittent. Please have it properly diagnosed before you send it to us. If you need wiring diagrams or repair procedures you can get them HERE.

If you can't be without your truck and would like to purchase our exchange service click HERE.


Blue(most popular), Green, Red, Cool WHITE and Amber/Orange
(If LED color is not specified, we will install factory back-lighting.)


Green looks awesome but can be kind of hard on the eyes for some people.

Some clusters have a Color Filter. W
hen the light shines through it, it may change the color.(Especially noticeable with Cool White. There is nothing we can do about this.)

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This sale is for a repair service, not a part. We do not have any for sale. 
  2. You are responsible to package your part in such a way that it will not be damaged. We will return it in same packaging. If we receive it damaged we will always send you a picture.
  3. Very rarely, we may encounter an issue that we are unable to repair. In this case, we can send it back to you or you will have the option to donate it to us for parts.
  4. If there is a problem with your cluster once you receive it back, Contact us. We will work hard to resolve any problem.
  5. For complete terms of service and privacy policy click HERE

Non-repairable clusters

There are some rare cases that the cluster may be not repairable. If that's the case, we will either issue you a full refund or source out a replacement cluster and transfer the mileage and vin data (you will be responsible for the replacement cost).

Warranty Info:

  1. All of our gauge cluster services have a limited lifetime warranty (unless otherwise stated in the description). Warranty covers information displays, gauges, power loss.
  2. The backlighting is covered for one year due to the limited lifespan of light-bulbs and LEDs. After one year we will be happy to replace the lights for a nominal fee. 
  3. Domestic shipping will be covered both ways for the first 3 months after receiving your cluster. after that you will have to pay shipping to us. We do NOT cover shipping costs under any circumstances for international warranty claims.
  4. Warranty is not transferable if you sell the car. We log all customer data and give out a warranty # for tracking. 


PART NUMBERS (this is just for reference, we are not limited to these part numbers):

15059387, 15068757, 15105681, 15105688, 15114647, 15114650, 15114653, 15114654, 15114655, 15114665, 15135664, 15135666, 15135669, 15135670, 15135672, 15135673, 15135674, 15177468, 15182147, 15182148, 15182150, 15182151, 15182152, 15190493, 15190827, 15190830, 15190831, 15190832, 15224133, 15224137, 15224139, 15224142, 15224145, 15224146, 15224147, 15287362, 15287371, 15524139, 15754187, 15758077, 15908651, 15908652, 16264115, 20774686, 20848054, 20895730, 20958757, 20964170, 20964172, 25799979, 25799981, 25838848, 25838850, 25853729, 25861647, 25861649, 25933366, 20774688, 20895732, 20958759, 20958765, 25799983, 25799989, 25838852, 25861651, 25861659, 25933368, 15886304, 15899919, 15929470, 20774723, 20848058, 22834146, 25799991, 25838870, 25861661, 25933376, 20774716, 20774722, 20848057, 20895733, 20895744, 20958760, 20958766, 20964174, 20964178, 25799990, 25838869, 25933369, 20774803, 25942800, 15851448, 15899915, 15929466, 15944009, 20821051, 20774799, 20774801, 20895765, 20958787, 25931288, 25941420, 15105687, 15114649, 15135668, 15182146, 15190826, 15224141, 15287370, 15908657, 15114651, 15224143, 15190828, 15287360, 15182148, 15101855, 15135670, 15908645, 15182149, 15114652, 15190829, 15224144, 15287356, 15135671, 15101851, 15910151, 15115508, 15238345, 15197214, 15241709, 15195445, 15181244, 15115883, 15197211, 15238342, 15105658, 15182144, 15190824, 15287364, 15524139, 15908649, 15112847, 15135660, 15114645, 15182142, 15133718, 15224133, 15179500, 15192788, 28072230, 15886304, 15899919, 15929468, 15944011, 15944013, 20774768, 20848066, 20895759, 20958779, 20958781, 20964190, 20964192, 25800007, 25838886, 25861677, 25933390, 28072230, 28065619, 25861675, 28103107.


* This is the list of known model numbers. However, it is NOT a complete list so if you do not see your part number listed please feel free to contact us.

Step 1

After purchase, carefully remove the unit from your vehicle. 
At this time please take pictures of your unit for your records. (This is to help in the case it gets damaged or scratched up)

Step 2

Securely pack your unit, using a suitable box so that your unit will not get damaged during shipment.  Include the following Information:
  • Your Name
  • Return Address
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Description of Issues with your unit
  • Vehicle Year, Make, and Model
  • LED COLOR (if you are purchasing a service that includes LEDs)

Step 3

(At Your Expense) Send Your Unit To:

Automotive Circuit Solutions
10 Honeysuckle Rd
Marshfield, MO 65706

Step 4.

When we receive the unit. We will inspect, repair and send it back within 24 hours of receiving it.

At Automotive Circuit Solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch service and expertise. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Expert Technicians: Our team consists of highly skilled technicians with years of experience in diagnosing and repairing instrument clusters.
  • Quality Parts: We use only the highest quality parts to ensure your vehicle’s reliability and longevity.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring your complete satisfaction with every repair.
  • Affordable Pricing: We offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our services.
  • Quick Turnaround: We understand the importance of getting your vehicle back on the road promptly. Our efficient processes ensure a quick turnaround time.

Trust Automotive Circuit Solutions for all your instrument cluster repair needs. We’re here to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Glenn Tashima
2004 GMC Sierra 1500 step side

Great quality of work changing led lights as well as gear. Selection light panel . It was more than expected but it turned out great . Also did the temperature control panel .

So far I am very pleased.

Quick turn and good price for the service. Thanks.


Was not fixed

Steve Stray


Charles McCullum
2004 GMC

Fast and reliable!

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