Repair Services

As soon as we receive the cluster, it will be processed through our system, and sent to the techs station. It will then be inspected for issues, repaired and sent to a secondary tech to be tested. Once the cluster has passed the testing procedure, a lifetime warranty will be put on the unit.

We will have your unit repaired and sent back within 24 hours of us receiving it.

Lifetime warranty unless specified otherwise.

The part will be tested on our test bench by two different techs to ensure that the part is operating correctly.

Exchange Service

It is a service we offer where you can purchase a refurbished cluster, we would reprogram the cluster to match your vehicle info and mileage then send it to you with a return shipping label for your core cluster.

To check for availability email us with the unit's part number and the vehicle's VIN number.

The process would be from 7-10 business days of us receiving a cleared payment.


No, you will be charged return shipping at checkout. Shipping costs will vary depending on your location. You will still have to ship it to us at your expense.

We recommend using bubble wrap to cover the part as well as packing peanuts to ensure that the part will not move during the shipping process. The part can break during transit if not packed well.