Welcome To Automotive Circuit Solutions


      Here at Automotive Circuit Solutions we strive to make your experience with us the best it can possibly be. With a team dedicated to helping you, your vehicle, and your livelihood get back to the way it should be. Being in the service industry we're not only here to service your vehicle but to serve you, that's why our team of professionals hold themselves to the highest of standards. Not only to make sure your vehicle is running at its premium state but to make sure you are treated like family. Time is money and by offering a 24 hour turnaround we ensure a fast and reliable repair to all units shipped to us. We are widely known for a fast turnaround, no matter the circumstance!

Lastly the team of Automotive Circuit Solutions wants to say thank you to every customer that does business with us and making us who we are today!



 Here is a small behind the scenes video we put together for our customers to really see a little of what we do here at Automotive Circuit Solutions!