04-05 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Instrument Cluster Speedometer Repair Service Cluster Repair Service Automotive Circuit Solutions

04-05 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Instrument Cluster Speedometer Repair Service

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This Service Fixes the Following Problems

  • Dash gauges sticking, inoperable, or giving incorrect readings 
  • Intermittent power to all gauges and info display
  • Intermittent false indicators(Brake Light, Airbag Light, ABS Light, etc)
  • Odometer display is intermittent or blank


    Non-repairable clusters

    There are some rare cases that the cluster may be not repairable. If that's the case, we will either issue you a full refund or source out a replacement cluster and transfer the mileage and vin data (you will be responsible for the replacement cost).



    •  2004-2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

    If your vehicle is not listed above click HERE to browse our large selection of gauge cluster services.

    If you have already attempted to fix the cluster yourself, additional charges may apply depending on the damage.  

    (Charges usually do not exceed $50. Contact Us for Details)


    By purchasing this service you agree to these terms


    Terms and Conditions:

    1. This sale is for a repair service, not a part. We do not have any for sale. 
    2. You are responsible to package your part in such a way that it will not be damaged. We will return it in same packaging. If we receive it damaged we will always send you a picture.
    3. Very rarely, we may encounter an issue that we are unable to repair. In this case, we can send it back to you or you will have the option to donate it to us for parts.
    4. If there is a problem with your cluster once you receive it back, Contact us. We will work hard to resolve any problem.
    5. For complete terms of service and privacy policy click HERE

    Warranty Info:

    1. All of our gauge cluster services have a limited lifetime warranty (unless otherwise stated in the description). Warranty covers information displays, gauges, power loss.
    2. The backlighting is covered for one year due to the limited lifespan of light-bulbs and LEDs. After one year we will be happy to replace the lights for a nominal fee. 
    3. Domestic shipping will be covered both ways for the first 3 months after receiving your cluster. after that you will have to pay shipping to us. We do NOT cover shipping costs under any circumstances for international warranty claims.
    4. Warranty is not transferable if you sell the car. We log all customer data and give out a warranty number for tracking. 

    Step 1

    After purchase, carefully remove the cluster from your vehicle. 

    Step 2

    Securely pack your cluster, using the correct box so that your unit will not get damaged during shipment.    Include the following Information:
    • Your Name
    • Return Address
    • Contact Phone Number
    • Description of Issues with Your Cluster
    • Vehicle Year, Make, and Model
    • LED COLOR (if you are purchasing a service that includes LEDs)

    Step 3

    (At Your Expense)Send Cluster To:

    Automotive Circuit Solutions
    10 Honeysuckle Rd
    Marshfield, MO 65706

    Step 4.

    When we receive the cluster. We will inspect, repair and send it back within 24 hours.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Jeff Churchill
    Way better than expected

    My 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac had experienced ongoing problems over the past couple of years. It came to a head when the speedometer, tachometer and odometer display stopped reading. I had the dash cluster removed and sent to Automotive Circuit Solutions after hearing about them on one of the Ford forums online. I had inquired at a local repair place but was told they didn't repair my vehicle's cluster. Within a week of sending my unit out for repair it was repaired and returned during the Christmas holiday week. I don't know what magic they use, but my fuel gauge that had not worked for years for what I thought was a bad sending unit is now working perfectly. All other electrical issues involving intermittent power to radio, power windows, power locks, speedometer, tachometer and odometer are working flawlessly. I waited a week to see if the gas gauge really was working before I sent this endorsement. It was the icing on the cake that resolved what we thought was another repair project. The other added bonus was the lifetime warranty that came with the repair. My only regret is not doing it sooner. Jeff C.

    Joe Braga
    2004 Ford Explorer sport trac cluster

    Thank you automotive circuit solutions for the great work performed on my cluster everything works perfect I would definitely recommend these guys they even insured my cluster for $500 for free while it was being shipped out to me if I need anything else that they might do I will definitely use them again thank you again and happy holidays

    Walt Fulps
    Great Experience

    Sent my instrument panel in due to glitchiness. They fixed it and returned it the same day, and everything works great. A real bargain.

    andrew mcintyre
    Excellent service

    Great service would highly recommend to anyone who needs this type of repair service 8 days turn around time from shipment from Fl. to Mo unit repaired and is working just fine LT warranty is awesome you wont regret using A.C.S. keep up the excellent service.

    Jason Comstock
    Like brand new

    Sent in my instrument cluster off my 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac.
    I had all kinds of issues, automatic head lights didn’t work, gas gauge didn’t work, and intermittently my radio would quit working and all of my gauges would quit working and my electric windows wouldn’t work.
    I highly recommend Automotive Circuit Solutions as when they returned my cluster, all of those problems were solved! Probably saved me $500 to $600 rather than taking it to the dealership.

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