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We are the alternative to dealer parts.
We are the alternative to dealer parts.
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SRS Airbag Module Reset Service

If your car has been in an accident and your airbags were deployed then you need to get your SRS Module reset.

Common hard stored codes are B1193 and B1421. Some makes and models do not show crash codes so your light will be on but your diagnostic report will say "No Fault Codes Detected" this usually indicates that the module needs to be reset.

Code "B1650" found in later model Subaru's indicates that the occupant detection module need to be reset, as it also stores crash data. To get it corrected you can purchase the Subaru SRS module reset service below. 

We are equipped to reset 99.9% of all modules found in all makes and models. Find the service that you need below and send it in for a fast reliable reset.