Why Your Instrument Cluster Is An Important Component Of Your Vehicle


The Importance Of your Instrument Cluster

The instrument cluster (dashboard or gauge cluster) contains the various gauges and indicators that drivers depend on to know important information on the current status of the vehicle. If this information wasn't accessible to drivers, potentially hazardous problems could occur and you would never know.


Many speedometers last the lifetime of the vehicle. That's not always the case, though. Sometimes gauges on the instrument panel can fail because of:

  • Vibration, which can cause connections on the circuit board(s) inside the cluster to fail.
  • Mechanical failure of the speedometer, odometer, or tachometer. There are sometimes small gears or motors in these units that can go bad.
  • Voltage spikes from a bad alternator can damage the cluster.
  • Jumping your vehicle can cause many cluster to short and then fail.
  • Burned out lighting. The cluster still works, but you can't see it at night.


Getting Your faulty Unit Fixed

Your gauge cluster communicates with a lot of other computers in your vehicle to help display the important vitals of the vehicle. Not having your instrument cluster in working order can often leave to dangerous situations or leave you will no vehicle. Often times you can't even drive the vehicle without the speedometer, so having the unit in working order is very important.

Luckily in our day and age there is always option to help get any situation resolved in the matter of a few days. Replacing your faulty unit is one way to get your vehicle back on the road and keeping it as safe as possible, or getting your  unit repaired by a professional. Getting your cluster repaired by a professional is quite often a very affordable and easy route to get your faulty unit fixed.


Our Solution

Here at Automotive Circuit Solutions we specialize in gauge cluster repair, we are a simple and affordable option for those having issues with their unit. We have a 1-2 day turnaround so you will have your unit back in working order in no time. We also offer lifetime warranty on all of our service because we stand behind our work and want every vehicle on roadways safe. Send your unit in for a quick and hassle free repair. If you are in need of a repair click HERE to browse our large selection of gauge cluster services.

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